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Hours/Week Monthly Tuition

30 min        $45

1hr             $55

2hr             $90

3hr              $125

4hr              $160

5hr              $195

6hr +           $220


Full tuition is due by the 10th of each month.  Tuition is paid through automatic withdrawal from your credit or debit account.  If you prefer another payment plan, please check with the office. 

We will accept cash, checks, or money orders for tuition if received by the 7th of the month. Please write your child’s name in the memo portion of the check. If you pay with cash, please ask for a receipt.


We offer a 5% discount on annual tuition that is paid in full by October 1st.


Please note that tuition is based on an average of 4 classes/month.  Extra classes in a month offset studio closures and holidays. Tuition does not include the registration fee, dance wear, shoes, costumes, recital tickets, private lessons, or master classes.


All students are expected to attend their regularly scheduled classes. Each class offers a step forward in the educational process. A missed class could leave a child one step behind the other students.  Missing class, especially during recital time, could result in frustration for students, teachers, and their classmates. 


Dance is a physical activity that requires the body to be warmed up in order to execute movement safely. Late students miss the proper warm-up and/or barre and may sustain injury.  Dancers arriving up to 15 minutes late  may be asked to sit out and observe. Dancers arriving more than halfway through class will not be allowed to enter the room.

Students who miss a class will have the opportunity to make it up with a similar class. All make-ups must be completed within the month, and you must schedule a make-up with the desk.

An annual registration fee of $25/dance ($40/family) covers the cost of mailings, insurance, rehearsals, and other administrative costs.




de•fine/ dance space maintains a dress code to encourage concentration and a sense of respect for decorum and history. Also, uniformity allows the teachers to assess how well the students are implementing the technique being taught, problems with alignment, and other important aspects of dance training.

  • Students should carry their items in a dance bag or keep them in an enclosed box in the common room. All items should be labelled.

  • Dance wear is to be kept in good repair and laundered on a regular basis.

  • Watches, jewelry, and safety pins should not be worn to class. 

  • All students should wear their hair tightly secured and styled away from the face. 

  • Students are expected to observe good personal hygiene habits. Deodorant is required for all students age 10 and older.

  • We encourage all students to arrive 10-15 minutes early for class in order to warm-up and be prepared.

Dress Code

the littles program

Pink Leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes,

hair in a bun, (tap shoes may be required)

In order to maintain a happy, healthy, professional environment, we encourage students to have respect for other students, teachers, staff, and studio property.

  • The education you or your child receives depends on steady attendance, punctuality, and discipline. 

  • Disruptive behavior will be dealt with in a logical and positive manner. Please be aware that if behavior continues, a meeting between parent and teacher will occur.

  • No student cell phones or computers may be used during class time.

  • Parents & students should never interrupt a class in session unless there is an emergency.

  • Only water is allowed in the studios. No food, drinks, or gum.

  • Children not in class must be supervised at all times and are not allowed to run free around studios or lobby.

  • In the event of an absence, please give notice to the office via phone or email.


Please mark all dance wear, shoes, and personal items with your child’s name. We will make every effort to locate and return lost items; however, we cannot be responsible for any items that your child brings to class. 


Every few months, all lost and found items will be donated to the BDP for fundraising purposes.

Safety issues and legal responsibilities make it impossible for us to allow students to bring visitors into the classroom. Students should not invite siblings, other relatives, or friends to their classes with the exception of special events and in-school performances.

We ask that parents please remain in lobby unless otherwise invited.

Lost & Found


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